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Canine Professional LASERwrap® System - C50

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Coat 1 Size
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(Includes: 4 Dog Coats, 4 A-100 Impulse Lasers, 1 Conical Pad, 1 DF Strip Combo Pack, 1 Mat)

The LASERwrap® Canine Coat is constructed of a light weight polyester fabric for the outer layer and air mesh for the inside.  Sizes small to large coats hold one Impulse Laser unit to deliver therapy down the spine, hips, chest, abdomen, neck and the upper section of both front and rear legs.  The XL, XXL and XXXL is available in a one or two laser option.  The single laser option delivers therapy in either the front of the animal and the abdomen or down the spine, hips and upper section of rear legs.  The two laser option delivers therapy to both areas concurrently as shown in the pictures above.   The center of the coat is fastened with a bell band.  The back of the coat is darted to help secure around the hip area along with optional elastic leg straps if needed.  The coat is machine washable.

The Conical Short Wrap’s outside layer is soft polyester loop fabric that is Velcro hook compatible.  The inside layer is soft fleece with a foam padded center.  The wrap secures with a wide elastic strap that provides for flexible size adjustments and positioning.  The Conical Short Wrap is 9.5″ H x 26″ L and is ideal for treating the back, abdomen, thigh and hip area. For larger dogs, it can also be used to treat the chest and forechest areas.   It also works well as a pad in a crate or kennel for smaller dogs and cats which is great for calming anxiety while transporting.

Our original LASERwrap® Dual Filament in 12”, 24″ or 40″ can also be used on our companion animals.  Dual filament laser strips are made of flexible polyester loop fabric with a low profile Velcro hook and are secured with elastic straps that allow for flexible size adjustments.  The laser strips can be wrapped or applied to most any area of the body.  The strip is 2.75″ wide x 40″ in length.  For smaller dogs and cats, the 24” Dual Filament Strip may be more appropriate.

The LASERwrap® mat is made of soft fleece with a foam cushion.  A pocket securely holds the laser.  The mat delivers laser therapy as the companion animal lays comfortably on the mat.  Use in a crate to help reduce anxiety while traveling.


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