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CLEARANCE 50% off GoughNuts Original Water Stick

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The GoughNuts Water Stick is our newest design for interactive WATER PLAY. While many of our products float like an ice cube, the Water Stick will be Buoyant!! This is a great leap in GoughNuts Engineering.

The GoughNuts chew toys are designed knowing that safety and fun go hand in hand. The GoughNuts Water Stick line of product is NOT FOR POWER CHEWING. Please rely on our GoughNuts rings for power chewing. Please note that our normal RED safety indicator is in fact HOLLOW for the WATER STICKS.

While the Water Stick is not consider a power chewing toy it is GUARANTEED like all of our Goughnut products.

Cross Section: 1.75"
Length or Outside Diameter: 9.75"
Tough Scale (1-100): 60


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