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Imperfect - Hero Atom 185 Frisbee - Color May Vary

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One would need to study atomic physics to get up close and personal with an Atom. Hero has a better alternative. Positively charge your canine bond by adding the long awaited Super Atom 185 to your line-up!

Minor imperfections may include misprinting and insignificant bubbles.

The basic building blocks of our Hero Super Atom:

Size: 185mm (approximately 7.28 inches diameter)
Weight: 83-85 grams
Material:Translucent K9 Candy, puncture resistant, split-proof, nearly indestructible FIRM plastic
Control Group: Perfect for small dogs and puppies. (field experiments show the Super Atom holding up to a full grown cattle dog's bite)
Flight Characteristics: Consistent, Straight-Glide&
Colors: Variety
Super Atoms have a comfortable grip and are especially good for cold weather play. Easy to throw for all skill levels, these Micro-Dog friendly fliers are guaranteed to satisfy. We encourage all Super Atom test subjects to log their results at our product feedback page.
Lab tested, Hero approved!


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