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Waggle Pet Temperature Monitor - 25% OFF

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Peace of Mind with Pet Monitor!

Keep your dog safe in RV/CAR/HOME
1. Real-time updates on Temperature, Humidity, and Heat Index.
2. Instant Text/email alerts when there is a temperature excursion.
3. No Wi-Fi needed. Works on Verizon 4G cellular network.
4. Long-lasting and rechargeable battery.
5. Android and iOS app for remote monitoring.

Never compromise on Dog's safety
Instant Alerts for you, friends & family.
1. Get instant text/email alerts within seconds if the temperature becomes critical for your Fido!
2. Your family members ( up to 5 ) can get instant alerts as well!
3. You also get alerted when the DG fails or if there is a power loss in your RV!
4. Our Pet Monitor continues to work for up to 2 days even when RV power is lost!


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